Title Administration: Outsource the work...and the worry

Dealers and lenders alike know that the process of securing, storing and updating vehicle titles is time consuming and tricky. Lost titles, relocated customers, incorrect information - the list of potential title mishaps is seemingly endless. And then there's the storage obligation for what may be literally thousands of titles.

Enter PDP Group's title administration team. Its job: interact with dealers, vehicle owners, and state Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to ensure that accurate titles, accessible online, exist for every financed vehicle. From the initial purchase right through to the paid-in-full processing of the title, PDP's team removes a worrisome headache and frees up lender staff time for more profitable work.

Talk to us about the specific title administration services below.

Title Administration Services

Document Receipt and Imaging

Have your documents sent directly to our office. We will scan or digitize them into electronic form make them available to you online.

Title Information Verification

We will verify that the information on your title matches your account information to ensure that your interest in the collateral is secure.

Title Corrections

Should we determine that any information is not correct, we will work with your dealers, customers, and/or the DMV to correct the title information.

Delinquent Title Follow-up

If your titles are not received within an acceptable timeframe, we will work with your dealers, customers, or the DMV to ensure title issuance and receipt.

Duplicate Titles

When a title has been lost or mutilated, we will work with the DMV to have a duplicate title issued and will follow up to ensure the duplicate title is received.

State-to-State Transfers

As your customers relocate, we will assist them and the DMV with the retitling process, providing required documentation and responding to customers' concerns.

Document Storage

We pride ourselves on the security and functionality of our storage system. We will store your documents in our facility and route them as you request.

Repossession Titles

We will obtain repossession titles in your name to enable you to remarket a repossessed vehicle in a timely fashion.

Paid-in-Full Processing

We will release your interest and reassign titles at your direction within 24 hours. We can produce cover and thank you letters on your stationery or ours, using your current text or new copy that we develop together.

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