Insurance Verification:
for Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Peace of Mind

For more than 25 years, PDP Group has been providing insurance tracking services to leading U.S. and Canadian finance and leasing companies. Our bundled services reduce your risk of uninsured losses and gives you confidence that your collateral is protected. These cycle of correspondence can be tailored to the portfolio type.

Consider these insurance related services:

Document Receipt and Imaging

Your customers' insurance documents are received directly by PDP Group. Our mailroom opens and sorts the documents. We scan and digitize your documents into our system, allowing you fast access to the documents online.

Document Processing

Your images are processed using OCR technology. Our system determines if the policy meets your standards or if changes in coverage need to be made.

Automated Transmission

We receive direct transmissions (EDI) from the largest insurance providers, enabling us to resolve issues and conclude follow-up on accounts for their customers even more quickly and efficiently.

Automated Letter Generation

You choose the text and schedule for letters to be sent to agents and lessees requesting missing policy information. We generate and mail the letters on your behalf.

Call Center

When a policy cannot be found through automated means and/or an agent hasn't responded to a written request, our Call Center goes to work contacting a customer's insurance agent to verify the coverage and request a paper copy of the policy. If policy changes are required, we contact your customer, explain the requirements, and discuss needed changes.

Our Call Center is open from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST, allowing us to assist agents and lessees throughout North America.

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