Electronic Lien and Title (ELT):
Trade in the paper for a more secure process

Electronic lien and title (ELT) programs are growing in popularity around the country. Departments of Motor Vehicles (DMVs) are saving money and going green, producing and mailing fewer paper titles. Lenders are enjoying the ease of use, enhanced fraud protection, security, and the reduction in paper storage. Consumers are happy to receive a clear title directly from the DMV when their loans have been paid in full.

PDP Group is an experienced, approved vendor for all active ELT programs. We interact with any DMV that is considering the move to ELT. This enables us to keep current on possible requirements and legislation and to be ready to implement ELT for our customers as soon a state launches the service.

The most popular transactions supported by ELT programs are:

Lien Notification

Under PDP's system, a state notifies the lender that a lien has been filed successfully on a vehicle. The notification includes all the information that would normally appear on a paper title. The electronic notification is the official title record until a paper title is printed.

Paper Title Requests

Sometimes business cannot be transacted without a paper title. Under PDP's program, when you need a title in your hand, a request is sent to the DMV to print and route the paper document to you.

Lien Satisfaction

When a lien has been satisfied, electronic notification and release instructions are forwarded promptly to the DMV, thanks to PDP's system. The DMV will remove your interest from the title and print a new title, routing it to the destination you specify.

...and in conclusion...

Whether you seek full administration of your electronic titles or just need a conduit through which to work with the DMV, PDP Group has a solution for you. For more information, please click this link or visit

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